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Capital Bible Church was established in March 1974 by Bill and Julie Cochrane. The initial meeting was held at the Lakeside Hotel in Canberra before moving to locations within the Jamison Centre and, then at Hawker College before moving into its ‘new’ building in 1984.

The church has been successfully ministering to the Canberra community for 49 years. We would love to share with you God’s wonderful blessings.

Our Sunday morning service starts at 10.00 am and provides an opportunity for praise, worship and teaching.  Our teaching is centred on God’s word with our worship aiming for a balance of reverence and praise. We have a number of Prayer Meetings and Bible Studies during the week.

Capital Bible Church is a local, independent, community church. We are not organisationally linked with any other church but enjoy fellowship with other churches of like faith and practice. We seek to conduct a program of worship and evangelism as was practised in the New Testament church.

We praise God for His abundance of blessings and look forward to what He will do amongst and through us in the future.

If you are searching. If you are hurting. If you are worried. If you are concerned about your children. If you are struggling with life’s difficult issues involving relationships, addictions, health or financial issues, emotions or pain. If you need answers to the deeper spiritual questions of life – Capital Bible Church may be able to help you.

The history of Capital Bible Church   Narrated by Earle McKay   Click here

The Capital Bible Church building is also used by Korean,  Sri Lankan and YoungLife congregations.

Statement of faith

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